Regarding LNG/Flare Gas

ALL ENERGIES is are also working on a flare gas PPA structure in South America, using a customized integrated solution. Generating electricity instead of open-air flaring is perhaps one of the most evident contributions to a viable CO2 footprint reduction.

Currently some 400 million MT of CO2 (1% of global emissions) are burnt uselessly each year. JFS hopes to be making a difference in the upcoming months and years, by participating in flare gas recovery.

Regarding HFO

ALL ENERGIES is introducing its proprietary regional brand of mid grade HFO (<2% sulfur) , improved viscosity, and lower flash point and heavy metals. Furthermore, we are adding product enhancers and stabilizers, for improved performance in I/C piston engines.

Regarding Equipment

ALL ENERGIES became an authorized agent for the HFO technology of ProGen (TM): a specialized manufacturer, working with the proven two-stroke, medium speed EMD platform, alongside environmental emission upgrades. ALL ENERGIES is currently introducing island-mode distributed power to Central America, and preparing a launch in Ecuador and Venezuela.

Our ProGen line simply offers unrivaled CAPEX and OPEX costs for island-mode distributed power, regional utilities, and industrial clients.

ALL ENERGIES has also structured a marketing agreement regarding the versatile, modular, and containerized Aggreko-MAN HFO power plant (16-pack 9L-21/31 series). Producing some 30 MW of very efficient power (196gr HFO/KwHr) each of these portable power plants can be shipped and set up within 45 – 60 – 90 days, anywhere in the world.


When large power output is required, and time is of the essence, and CAPEX and OPEX are to be in line with the most efficient permanent power standards, ALL ENERGIES has the ideal solution. 

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